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The New Male Voice For Alexa Smart Speakers

Amazon has quietly rolled out a new male voice for their Alexa smart speakers, adding a male option to the lineup. While the female voice has been available with Echo devices since 2014, this is the first time that a different voice is permanently available. Users of Echo speakers can change their voice in the Alexa app by saying “Alexa, change your voice.” Ziggy, a slightly robotic American accent, will act as an alternative to Alexa and can perform tasks like pausing music, setting a timer, and checking the weather.

The UK version of the Alexa speaker will include a male voice. Despite being different from the US version, the UK version will offer a baritone companion for users. This male voice can be changed by saying “Alexa, change my voice,” or “Alexa, switch to my male voice.” The new male voice will be available starting in 2020. It will be available to UK users in a few years.

To switch to the new voice, users can head to the Alexa app and click the Devices tab. Select the Echo device. Tap the Settings cogwheel icon in the upper right. Once there, tap the Alexa button and select “Alexa’s Voice.” It should take just a few seconds. Once the new voice has been added, Alexa will respond by asking you to confirm it going forward. You can also use a male voice called Ziggy.

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