The Richest Kpop Companies of 2021


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With the rise of popular Korean pop culture, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of rich kpop companies. These entertainment companies are doing everything possible to remain at the top of the game, which is reflected in their earnings, sales, and visibility. Here are the richest kpop companies of 2021, and why they are worth so much. If you’re one of them, be sure to join their ranks.

SM Entertainment, formerly known as LOEN Entertainment, is the second richest Kpop company in 2021, with a market capital of $1.57 billion KRW ($160.2 million USD). With a strong presence in China, SM has gained a massive fan base, with more than 90 percent of its Youtube followers not being South Korean. In addition to gaining popularity in China, SM recently merged the groups EXO and SHINee. It also plans to expand to new markets in 2022.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, YG Entertainment had revenues of 77.2 billion KRW, which is around 64.2 million USD. Despite their financial woes, the company is expected to release several major albums in 2022, including a new girl group. After them, SM Entertainment is expected to catch up with them, making them the richest kpop companies of 2021. With these investments, YG will be able to keep its status as the most successful Kpop company of the next decade.

HYBE was founded in February 2005, and signed 8Eight in 2007. While it wasn’t an instant hit, BTS has achieved global recognition over the past few years. The company will be one of the richest kpop companies in 2021, and it has a number of subsidiaries and independent artists that it manages. The company will continue to grow and expand with the help of the BTS’ fan base.