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Is Big Hit Entertainment a Good Company?

Is Big Hit Entertainment a good company? Here are some things to keep an eye out for. A good company will not have a member who is not centered around advertising or the main vocal center-lead dancer-sub rapper in a movie. They will not force their members to wear blurred aspects, or even colors they dislike. Big Hit is also likely to have an aggressive marketing campaign. Those things should be a good sign, but keep an open mind.

One reason to be suspicious of BigHit is because the company is acquiring Source Music, the owner of popular girl group GFriend. Big Hit has had difficulty with girl groups in the past, but GFriend is a bonafide hit with a loyal fan base. As such, it is possible that BTS fans will be a good investment, because the company is helping to propel BTS to the top of the glory.

Aside from the above-mentioned issues, Big Hit Entertainment is also changing its name to HYBE Corporation in 2021. The new name will allow the company to expand its operations into the music industry as a whole. As part of this move, the company is also going to start renting practice rooms and auxiliary spaces to their subsidiary companies. According to their website, the company has four main purposes: music production, concert production, and internet business.

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