Is 30 Too Old For a Tech Job?

As a thirty-year-old looking to break into the tech industry, you’re probably asking yourself: “Is 30 too old for a tech job?” The answer depends on your perspective and experience. Many people in tech are decades younger than you, which may shock you. However, this age gap is a reality. Even though age discrimination is illegal, hiring bias and ageism exist in many tech companies, and it can lead to a lack of diversity.

According to a survey by CWJobs, technology employees begin to experience age discrimination at age 29. In fact, over a third of tech workers report that they fear being fired because they are too old for their position. Those workers who are older often don’t have a great track record. If you’re a younger employee, consider a career change to the tech industry.

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Learning how to code is not as difficult as you think. While learning to code may take more time, it’s still possible to progress in this field after age thirty. Even if you’re a bit older, learning to code can give you a distinct advantage. Not only will you seem more successful, but you’ll also have the advantage of working from home. The advantages of learning to code are clear.

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If you have a background in a different discipline, it’s always worth exploring, so don’t be afraid to switch directions. It’s important to be flexible and keep learning, as this can help you land a tech job. If you’re 30 years old, you’ll probably be working in a junior position at first, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you’re willing to learn, keep networking and look for opportunities.

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