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How to Use Amazon Music Recents to Find Your New Favorite Album

The “Albums for You” row on the Amazon home page lets you see what you’ve been listening to lately. I’ve always been surprised by the music recommendations and have found a few great surprises on my way to finding my new favorite album! Amazon’s recommendation system must be staffed by true music fans! Read on to learn how to use Amazon’s music recommendations on your PC or mobile device. There’s no need to sign up for another service, as Amazon has the tools you need.

You can also access Amazon Music Prime with your $119/year subscription to Amazon Prime. This service is similar to Amazon Music Unlimited and includes curated home sections, algorithmic suggestions, and a Library section with your favorite songs. You can also listen to ad-supported playlists and stations on your PC, Echo smart speaker, and FireTV devices. You can also subscribe to Amazon Music Free and discover thousands of new stations. Like Pandora and LiveXLive, you can listen to Amazon Music on your own or with a group of friends. It’s free, so you can test it out on your favorite device before making a commitment.

If you enjoy a certain artist or song but aren’t able to find it on the Amazon Music Service, try searching for the song using Google Search. Often, songs are deleted without warning and without any explanation. You can also download the song and listen on your computer and mobile devices for free. Amazon has a great selection of music, but removing songs can be difficult. There are three levels of Prime. If you have access to Amazon Music Prime, you’ll have more options and more flexibility in choosing which songs you want to listen to.

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