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Does HYBE Treat Their Idols Well?

Does HYBE treat their idols well? This is a question that I’m sure you’ve all wondered about at one point or another. I’ll explain what makes them different from other Korean labels and give you some insights into what they’re like to work with. For starters, HYBE was formerly known as Big Hit and was owned by SM Entertainment. It’s a big entertainment company and the members of this group were once known as BTS. This is where BTS got their name.

While HYBE has a thriving culture and a growing team, there are some cons associated with the company. HYBE does not allow employees to have work-life balance, which some people find to be an inconvenience. Employees also say they’re not given the freedom they need to develop their own creative ideas. However, the pros outweigh the cons, and the company is gaining popularity fast.

During the audition process, there are two kinds of methods. Some companies prefer group auditions, whereby 10 people perform the same songs. Other companies will ask for a second audition. The latter is more common for HYBE, as they have a more demanding set of standards. Some HYBE idols are so good that they’ve become incredibly famous. The auditions at HYBE are the most competitive in the industry. HYBE is the most popular and well-regarded company for trainees. The auditions are extremely competitive and the best ones make it to the top.

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