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What is the Average Cost of an Indian Wedding in US Dollars?

When planning an Indian wedding, one of the most important questions is what is the average cost of an Indian wedding in US dollars. There are many factors that make an Indian wedding so expensive, but the average cost for a luxury Indian wedding is nearly $10,000 USD. Depending on the style of wedding, this can run into the millions of dollars. Here are some examples of the average cost of an Indian wedding in US dollars.

Depending on the location, an average Indian wedding in India can cost between eight and six hundred thousand dollars. A multi-day marathon with elaborate feasts and prayers can easily eat up a family’s savings. To save money on venue costs, consider having smaller dinners in the homes of trusted friends. A good wedding planner can also help you make budget-friendly choices to maximize your Indian wedding experience.

While Indian weddings are typically expensive, it is possible to save on costs by taking on more responsibilities during your trip. A traditional wedding photographer can charge as much as $2,500 for wedding photos. A cheap alternative is to use a freelancer or amateur photographer. These professionals will likely charge significantly less for a professional shoot. You should also factor in other expenses, like transportation costs and catering. Even entertainment such as a DJ can cost several thousand dollars.

Another factor that drives the cost of Indian weddings is the dowry system. In some parts of India, a dowry is necessary to marry a daughter. In these situations, many families will sell a piece of land to pay for the bride’s wedding. The bride’s side of the family’s wedding will cost much more than the groom’s. This is because the bride’s family often expects her mother to pay the wedding cost, which is often the case.

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