How to Play a Smutstone Tournament


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There are many different aspects to learning how to play a Smutstone Tournament. You will learn about the Gameplay, the Stats, and the Table of Cards. You will also discover some tips for winning a tournament. The goal of this guide is to provide you with all the necessary knowledge and information you need to win your tournament. Keep reading to learn Hubpost how to play Smutstone Tournaments and become the next top Smutstone player!


The game plays like a traditional card game, with players collecting cards and dueling with opponents. The game features intense card gameplay, sensation cutscenes, and a seemingly endless supply of beautiful babes. Players are rewarded for upgrading their character cards, and can unlock sexy comic scenes in the campaign. Here’s a look at what to expect in a Smutstone Tournament.

Players begin by setting up a deck and pressing the start button. Auto battles always go to the stronger card. Even if you don’t have the right element deck, a stronger card will win. The cards in each fight are randomly chosen from a 7-card deck, and have a 42% chance of appearing on the field. If you want to win the tournament, you’ll have to beat as many opponents as you can.


The first time you play Smutstone, you might be wondering what the statistics are like. There are several things to keep in mind while playing the game, including the fact that the game features very limited interaction. All you need to do is select your deck and push a button to start a battle. Auto battles are always won by the stronger card, regardless of elemental bonuses. If you use the wrong element deck, you can still win. Randomly selected cards are chosen from seven in your deck. They have a 42% chance of appearing on the field.

Table of Cards

The Smutstone tournament is a great way to practice for the next Smutstone event. The game consists of building a deck of cards and playing them against other players. Each card has a unique character, value, and ability. Unlike other card games, however, there’s no tango strategy involved, and many decisions in the game are based on randomness. Tables of Cards for a Smutstone Tournament are available online, and you can get a copy of the game at your local retailer.

Ways to win a tournament

Whether you’re looking for the most effective way to beat your Smutstone opponents or you simply want to play for fun, there are several ways to win a Smutstone tournament. Getting the best possible card combination can help you win the game. The stronger card is the most valuable, so it’s important to make sure you’re decked out with the strongest cards possible. Also, if you’re not a huge fan of strategy, you should try to play your friends’ cards. They will likely choose the weakest ones more often, so make sure you’re prepared to take them down.

Similar games to Smutstone

If you like the idea of a card game with a porn theme, Smutstone could be right up your alley. The game features an intense campaign in which you will collect cards and battle ruthless opponents. Players will also be rewarded with tantalizing rewards. Using a deck of news for web seductive cards, players can save sexy women. Once they unlock a new character, they can play as it, leveling up its stats and gaining new cards.


The game has a story and bonus content. You begin the game with a full deck of erotic cards and earn bonus cards as you win battles. You will be rewarded with pictures of your slut heroes. In addition, the game features award-winning photography and cut scenes. The erotic content of Smutstone is one of the game’s selling points. Players can also enjoy the story and beautiful graphics.