How Do I Start a 100 Million Dollar Business?

One example of a hundred million dollar business is Mindvalley, a Malaysian tech startup. Vishen has spent the last several years building the company, which generated $40 million in revenue last year. He hopes to list it in the near future in an IPO, which would make it the largest technology company ever listed in Malaysia. The question on everyone’s lips is, how can I start a hundred million dollar business?

To start a $100 million revenue company, you must have a clear vision, a product with a market-fit, and a core customer base. Revenue per user depends on a product’s value proposition, and there are several ways to measure revenue per user. For example, if your product costs $10 a month, you need a lot of users to make that much money. However, if you’re building a Fortune 500 company, you’ll need fewer customers, and a sophisticated sales strategy.

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Developing a community of peers. Many business owners have found success through networking with other entrepreneurs. The benefits of connecting with like-minded people are immeasurable. A peer community can provide valuable insight and confidential atmosphere, and help you develop more efficient and effective business practices. You can find a peer community at networking events and industry get-togethers. If you have a passion for building a community, you’ll soon find it.

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